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Levi’s 501 – Premium men’s jeans without the premium price tag

Levi’s 501 

Levi’s 501 Premium men’s jeans without the premium price tag

Looking for a great pair of Levi’s 501 premium pants – but don’t wish to spend hundreds of dollar on it? You are certainly not the only one.

There are tons of premium brands of jeans for men in Dallas, TX, some of which cost upwards of $400! Albeit the level of quality is impressive on these premium pants, it definitely doesn’t merit their exceedingly high price tag.

This is where classics such as Levi’s 501s fare great. Been around for nearly 145 years, Levi’s 501s are still at the top of their game. As a matter of fact, 501 was the very first lot number used to label a pair of Levi’s 501 jeans – the very first pair of jeans ever! And even now, they outsell just about every other premium jeans in the market and for good reasons, such as:

Comfortable Mens Jeans

The comfort that comes with 501s is second to none. You put them on and never want to take them off– that’s how comfortable 501s are.

The long life

Then there’s the durability of Levi’s 501. Originally made for cowboys and miners, 501s are sewn from heavyweight denim for unrivaled durability. There’s double stitching and metal rivets to reinforce the corners. Every pair of 501 is like a “sale” because of their long life. Unlike other clothes, the more you wash your Levis, the better they get. No wonder why many people still have their “favorite” pair of 501s that they have been wearing for years.

The style

Levi’s 501 jeans are slim straight men’s jeans that sit just below the waist. They have that rugged style, which everyone seems to love. The stitched pocket and the little red tag are always a familiar fashion statement. Plus, they look more tailored and less sloppy than other straight fits in the market.

Now, the question is: Are they even affordable?

Levi’s 501 is every bit as premium as even the most premium jeans brands such as Saint Laurent or 3X4 or Soul of Nomad. But the best thing about them is that they’re actually pretty affordable, unlike the other three. You can buy a 501 Levi’s jeans in Dallas, TX, from our online western store, at just $52.99!

You can pick up a pair of Levi’s 501 in different colors and still have a lot more cash left in your pocket than if you had bought other premium pants. Not to mention, 501s will always be in trend and will likely last you decades. 150 years of being at the pinnacle have truly made 501s “perfect”!


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